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This program was designed in cooperation with xxxxx, the manufacturer of xxxxx to provide healthcare providers who treat patients suffering with xxxxx disease with valuable new information. The presentation is focused around a professionally prepared slide set that presents clinical information about the disease state, the various pathways involved in the etiology of the disease as well as its treatment.

As an educational program, we discuss the various medications available for the treatment of this disease and their methods of administration. Also presented are the results of several clinical trials showing how each treatment pathway works and the effectiveness of each. We obviously showcase xxxxx and its advantages, but we are not simply attempting to "sell" the drug in this program. To advocate a single product in an educational program would be an injustice to everyone involved. As we all know well, there is no single means to treat a patient suffering from any disease state. Also because patients respond and react differently to any medication, little value comes from an unbalanced program showing only one approach.

Our approved program objectives are:

The participant will differentiate between the signs and symptoms of xxxx disease.

The participant will be able to correctly select patients who will benefit from the use of xxxx®.

The participant will be able to prepare and use xxxxx® according to the manufacturer’s direction.

The program materials and objectives have been approved for x.x contact hours of nursing continuing education by Workplace Nurses LLC, an approved provider of Nursing Continuing Education by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #13,654 (expires May 31, 2008) and

Our speakers are chosen by local representatives of the manufacturer for:

Their knowledge of the disease

Experience in treating patients experiencing the effects of the disease

Participation in clinical and academic activities in drug and therapeutic research

Their ability to deliver information in a concise and engaging manner to a group of practicing healthcare providers.

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Healthcare Trainers and Consultants         Since 1997

California Board of Registered Nursing approved provider #13,654

Medic First Aid International Gold Training Center  since 2003




These speakers are recognized experts and are Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Physician’s Assistants who actively treat patients on a daily basis. They are knowledgeable in the many aspects of their patient’s disease. We draw upon their expertise to ensure that the presentation addresses the varied needs of the audiences they address. They are independent speakers whose only relationship to the manufacturer is as a speaker in this program.

It is important to note that this program is an educational experience, not an attempt to market any specific product or treatment


The slide set is considered proprietary information and was developed for use by one of our speakers in an officially sanctioned presentation.

More information on the educational aspect of this program can be obtained from:

W. Daniel Rosenthal R.N., President

Workplace Nurses LLC


More information (including general release slides) on the scientific or medical components of the product can be obtained by calling:

XXXXX Co. Medical Information Department 

xxx xxx xxxx  from 6 AM to 4 PM local time Mon-Fri.

Thank you for your interest in this program, we look forward to working with you and your group to provide very relevant and timely information about treatment for a very debilitating disease.


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