Participant Letter
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Please provide a copy of this letter to each scheduled participant


TO: Class Participants

From: Dan Rosenthal R.N.

     You have been selected to attend a Childcare Providers Continuing Education Program presented by us. We are happy to be able to provide this training to you. This training will satisfy a portion of your training needs..

     ALL of our programs have been approved by other organizations who set minimum time requiirements or approve program content to award credit. We have no choice in adhereinng to these minimum standards in order to remain eligible to present their products to you. Please be assured that we present our programs as time efficiently as possible.

     We realize that everyone has busy schedules and that finding time to attend training is difficult. Accordingly, we schedule our presentation to the minimun time permitted for each training session we offer.

     In order to successfully complete the program and receive CREDIT, you MUST be present for the ENTIRE SESSION.  Please make arrangements for any outside responsibilities, such as child care, and do not schedule any activities until after the scheduled ending time for the session to which you have been assigned. Out of consideration for the presenter and your fellow participants, NO CHILDREN ARE PERMITTED to attend our programs. We also ask that the ringers of all personal communications devices be turned off. You will be given breaks to return calls.

     Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated by fellow staff members nd the presenter. This will lead to a more productive learning experience for all and less stress to you.

     We look forward to seeing you in class. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.


Scheduled Program:






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