Dixie Rosenthal
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February , 2000 to February 13, 2013


 For 12 1/2 years Dixie was our beloved pet and served as official Mascot to Workplace Nurses. She was a frequent visitor to classes and welcomed participants. Her appearances in class often came at moments when comic relief was desperately needed. She was always on the lookout for a handout and would quite literally smile at her benefactor. She never met anyone she didn't like. Her favorite activity was chasing Chips-A-Hoy cookies across the yard and racing back for another.
Her presence is a huge part of our Medical Care at Sea suite of classes since she would curl up on the floor beside my desk while I was working late into the night during the development phase of the program. When she thought Dad had worked long enough and needed a break, she would nuzzle up between the arms of my chair  and startle me with a cold nose and a playful "woof"- play with me please Daddy look on her face.

Her last class appearance was for the University of Texas at Arlington SH400 when she entertained 12 participants.
She died quietly in her sleep early in the morning on Ash Wednesday and is buried outside of our Training Room so she can assure that we still do classes properly. Her presence is deeply missed but she is remembered fondly. We have no plans at this time to replace her, but plan to keep her memory alive in our programs.